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Get to know your trainer!



Ashley Hoover has over four years formal training experience with Dogma Training in Calgary, Alberta. She worked there both as a facility manager and head trainer, and completed their 18 month intensive certification program. She then went on to receive her Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed designation (CPDT-KA) from the most recognized dog training regulator in Canada. In addition, Ashley also studied animal behaviour and husbandry as part of her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Anthropology while at the University of Calgary and studying abroad in Ghana, Africa and Belize, Central America. This passion for continued learning and science-based training techniques are what set Ashley apart in the field of dog training.


Her methods use rewards and praise to teach your dog the behaviours you desire, rather than punishing them for making mistakes. Dogs naturally will do what is rewarding for them, so any mistakes they make are often due to our unintentional miscommunications. You cannot build a healthy relationship with your canine family member if they have reason to fear or avoid you for emotional or physical punishment. If they are forced to hide their discomfort with a situation because you have punished their expressions of anxiety, your dog may suddenly panic and act out in way you can’t predict. But, if you have a healthy relationship built on long-term trust, you can help your dog work through their emotions as they seek out your attention and guidance. This method yields incredible results for dogs of all ages and breeds, and can be especially helpful for dogs who exhibit fearful, anxious or reactive behaviours.


Zeus' Story


While in Belize for my field school course through the U of C, I found a tiny puppy being cared for by some local school children. He was shivering, so they tried to help by placing him in the sun to warm-up. However, his tremors were due to severe heat stroke and dehydration, so we rushed him to a local vet for help. While caring for this sweet puppy, I completely fell in love and started to research getting him home to Canada with me. As soon as we had his vaccinations and papers in order, I got to officially start calling him mine – Zeus, to be exact!

Once home, I began to notice that Zeus was having trouble socializing compared to other puppies I had grown up with. But at this point, I lacked the knowledge of how to best help him through this phase, and at a critical age we had an unfortunate incident at a dog park that forever cemented a fear of other dogs in him. As he grew into an adult dog, it became harder and harder to introduce him to friends and family’s pets, or even to walk down the street without him having a reactive incident. Thankfully, I found classes for reactive dogs at Dogma Training and Pet Services that changed everything for both of us. I was learning how I needed to guide him through his reactions, and he was learning to trust me as a partner in working through his fear and anxiety.


Today, our family has grown and Zeus lives happily with his dog siblings Artemis and Khione, and his cat brother Hades. His confidence in meeting new people is so rewarding to see, and he continues to grow in his ability to check-in with me and feel safe before getting to the point of lashing out at other dogs. He has always been a sweet boy at heart, and I am so thankful that my training has allowed him to relax into our family and find more joy in his life.

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